This was perhaps one of the most emotional episodes of Cheekh and one that genuinely evoked sadness for the characters in the audience. While Mannat is still stuck in the asylum, her mother passes away suddenly. Mannat is allowed a day out of the hospital in order to attend her mother’s funeral, and the rest of the episode depicted the extreme emotions Mannat has to deal with. While there were definitely issues in this episode just like any other, it really was an improvement from previous episodes.

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Saba Qamar did her utmost best as Mannat and succeeded too. Throughout, the talented actress very accurately depicted the grief and sorrow of her character and the audience could feel it too. This genuine depiction is hard to portray for many actors and Saba Qamar has proven herself time and again to be a masterful performer in her own right. Alongside her, Emmad Irfani as Shayan is another actor that has really been brought to the spotlight and given the due credit he deserves. With Shayan’s character, the actor has really been able to shine and the two leads also have great chemistry together as well, making their pair unstoppable!

However, it seems that the two lead actors are carrying the entire drama on their shoulders. The script itself is failing on its own since every episode’s highlight is always the acting and never the actual story or dialogues. Once again, the pacing of the script seems off as the episode dragged out the already-extended rut in which the drama has fallen into. It simply is not moving forward to some semblance of a resolution, leading the audience to wonder how things will even wrap up. Moreover, it also shows that the ending will probably be rushed, since so much time is dedicated to the conflict and not enough to resolving.

It’s also gotten repetitive; for the past four to five episodes we have only seen Mannat suffering at the hands of Yawar and Wajih and there has really not been enough attention to the plot itself which had initially attracted me to the drama. At this point, the only reason to watch Cheekh is for the acting of the two leads who have genuinely worked hard and made the drama enjoyable.

There are inklings of development in Yawar’s character in this episode in which he is shown to have certain doubts and regrets. While Wajih obviously shrugs everything off, it seems that Yawar might actually have some redemption. While that is certainly commendable, I still feel as if Wajih’s character is massively under-developed and needed more attention in terms of writing to become an amazing villain. Once again, it is the writing that fails, not the cast and crew themselves. Bilal Abbas Khan has done well with what he has, which should be appreciated in its own right.

Cheekh’s writing has been on a downward spiral for a while now, even though the acting keeps getting better and better. It’s quite a shame since this episode had most of the audience crying, yet Cheekh’s full potential is being held back. Let’s see how it develops from here on out and hope for the best!

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What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Cheekh? Do let me know in the comments!

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