This episode was largely uneventful and majority of what happened revolved around exploring the new dynamics within the drama with not much new to offer. With Mannat in mental asylum, Shayan is left devastated and alone while his brothers celebrate their victory. Haya is also depressed and unable to withstand her brothers’ evilness.

Much of what happened in this episode could have been summarized more briefly and the time could have instead been dedicated to moving the story forward, which has really fallen into a rut. Regardless, one positive point of the episode was the focus on Shayan’s character which showed that he might take some decisive action in the future.

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Mannat’s behavior in this episode was pretty confusing to watch, and was really inexplicable. She is visited by Shayan, her mother as well as Wajih at the end of the episode but her reaction to everyone is monotone. Perhaps it could be her despair setting in but really it isn’t clear what the writer’s point with this change in attitude was, leaving everyone watching confused.

Mannat’s behavior since the past few episodes has been so bipolar and unpredictable it has been really confusing to determine her characterization. In contrast, Shayan’s character has been far more consistent and clear, and this episode really belonged to him since his emotional performance gave the episode its only meaningful part. Otherwise, the rest of the episode remained repetitive and bland.

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Haya, played by the talented Azekah Daniel, has also suddenly become one of our top favorite characters in the drama. From a character which we didn’t really care for to one that has risen to our top three favorites, Haya also was far more dynamic and had a greater presence in this episode than the usual major characters.

It seems that Haya has finally found her voice of reason and is fighting against her brothers, but there is also an onset of grief within her as many of dialogues in this episode showed. I have a feeling something bad will happen to Haya’s character in future episodes which will further trigger Yawer into changing his mind about everything. But I really hope Haya’s character stays till the very end since she is genuinely pleasing to watch and Azekah Daniel has done so well with Haya.

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The first few episodes, Wajih has definitely been a villain to be feared but by now he has reverted back into a petty and spoiled man-child. There really isn’t any depth to him anymore, and in contrast Yawer and his lawyer seem far more scarier.

Once again it is disappointing to see how the villain is being swept away to the sidelines for the sake of side characters, with no particular back-story or reason. I really hope the writer gives Wajih at least some story or brings him to the spotlight more or else the entire previous episodes and their buildup would have been redundant!

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Hopefully next week’s episode would show some progression and not have us sit through repetitive stories again.  Cheekh keeps hitting and missing with each episode and this has started impacting the quality of the drama too. But despite certain flaws, the drama has our attention nevertheless and we can’t wait to see Mannat’s fate!

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Cheekh? Do let me know in the comments!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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