After a two week long hiatus, Cheekh returned this weekend finally to address the enticing cliff-hanger upon which they left us on episode 21! This episode really made up for the lack of any court action in the past couple of episodes as majority of the episode was dedicated to the proceedings of the court case.

Meet the Man Behind Shayan of Cheekh, Emmad Irfani

While there were certain wins for Mannat’s case, nothing really mattered when Mannat’s  mother provided sufficient evidence for the court to declare Mannat insane, thus having her locked up in an asylum. With this, things turned even darker than before for the drama and it seems as if Wajih and his cohorts of rich individuals might win due to the flawed justice system after all.

Beginning with the biggest highlight of the episode, Saba Qamar once again portrayed such depth and grief in her acting, especially in the ending scene where she interacts with another insane woman and realizes the trap she is in. However, this episode Saba Qamar was not the sole star of the show. One of the longest and most impactful scenes was when Shayan confronts Mannat’s mother about the betrayal, and Mannat’s mother explains her reasoning.

Both Emmad Irfani and Gul-e-Rana made the scene so memorable and touching with their emotional acting and dialogue delivery! Scenes like this really make Cheekh so unique as it genuinely evoked the same grief felt by the characters in the audience as well, a huge feat on its own!

This also brought about more character development in side characters like Mannat’s mother, whose role had largely consisted of the typical concerned mother, but now with such a betrayal urged on by Wajih’s scare tactics, a divide will be caused between mother and daughter. It will be interesting to see if this aspect is explored more in future episodes or left hanging.

As always, Zanjabeel Asim Shah who wrote the script did an excellent job with the dialogues, aided by the delivery of the actors themselves of course. Certain lines were more impactful than others, and this episode was way better in terms of writing as compared to others. But since consistency is key, there definitely needs to be more consistent quality in each episodes. While episodes like this week’s are impressive and have us crying with the characters, other episodes just feel cold and rushed. Hopefully from now on that mistake won’t pop back up again!

Cheekh’s Characterization A Class Apart!

All in all, the episode chose to focus on only certain characters instead of covering every single character which surprisingly worked out really well as I was able to remain invested throughout the episode. That also largely has to do with the way Emmad Irfani and Saba Qamar have become the stars of the drama and the sole reason Cheekh has become so popular and well-received.

But there is more to Cheekh than just a stellar cast and hopefully those aspects will shine through in the last few episodes as we come closer to the conclusion.

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Cheekh? Do let me know in the comments!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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