Last week’s episode mostly served to build up tension as Wajih put Mannat and her mother through psychological torture, but this week the court scene finally underwent. I expected things to take a massive step forward but sadly that was not the case and this episode was once again more building up of tension and Wajih attacking Mannat’s character once again.

I get that it’s necessary to establish this for dramatic tension and overall the episode was pretty entertaining to watch as always but under a more critical eye it’s becoming obvious that there is a lot of need for Cheekh to finally offer some semblance of justice or progression.

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The episode was structured pretty well as the beginning scene was tense in the court and created a lot of anticipation but sadly that anticipation was left hanging with no decision on behalf of anyone. Then, Wajih’s video blaming Mannat for attempting to seduce him was just a sad attack on her character and felt repetitive since Wajih has been putting Mannat under such psychological stress for the past couple of episodes. However, the scenes with Mannat and Shayan were a nice break from the darker subjects as we see them functioning as a normal husband and wife despite the bad events that have happened to him.

With breathtaking acting & direction, Cheekh emerges as a winner

Saba Qamar and Emaad Irfani

Their relationship is in stark contrast to the marriage of Yawar and Shehwar, which is shown to be based on lies and deceit only.

This episode revealed very subtly that Shehwar did in fact knew that Yawar was the one unable to have babies and the scene was so well-shot by the director Badar Mehmood that it has become one of my favorite scenes of the drama. Their conversation is pretty normal on surface level but the flashback Shehwar has and then the slow panning of the camera towards a picture of the two happy hinted that all the happiness was merely a front and that these two were actually pretty unhappy.

Whereas Mannat and Shayan have no secrets and their relationship is a healthy one based on mutual trust. I personally thought this much smaller theme of family and marriage was depicted really well particularly this episode.

Saba Qamar has been doing so well as Mannat and the rest of the cast has ensured that they match each other up in caliber and skill! Maira Khan as Shehwar was one of the actors that did really well this particular episode since her entire character is based on internal doubt and anger of a wronged wife. Alongside her Aijaz Aslam has been consistently showing great acting prowess with his role as the older brother.

Aijaz Aslam and Maira Khan

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi vs Cheekh: The Battle Of Content

Bilal Abbas has been a star in every other episode but I felt that in recent episodes he has become more casual rather than what we expect from the central villain of the drama. Regardless, every member of the cast must be applauded for their hard work and talent!

Bilal Abbas

I really hope to see more court scenes in the next episodes since those were supposed to be the higlight of these latter episodes and until now we have only seen one. So more of that along with less of Wajih’s petty revenge would make Cheekh even better!

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Cheekh? Do let me know in the comments!

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