5 reasons why Cheekh is a must watch

One thing that Cheekh has managed to achieve for sure during its first 10 episode run is to keep audiences engaged. They keep questioning what will happen next!

This is indeed something not many dramas manage to attain and many lose it soon after achieving it. In case of Saba Qamar starrer, this seems to be well maintained up until now!

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The gripping story, the cruel reality and intense drama is unlike any other that we have seen lately. The drama began with a bang, killing off a character in the very first episode.

Saba Qamar & Bilal Abbas

The drama went on to weave a web of mystery around the characters, arising suspicion in every episode as to who is the real culprit, all the while we knew it was in fact Wajih. This right there is the brilliance of the writer.

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Every character in the serial is pivotal and equally involved. The drama is no way one dimensional in terms of characterization either. We get surprised by yet another trait, with every new episode, not only Wajih but those around him as well.

Bilal Abbas as Wajih

Yawar, Wajih’s elder brother is shaping up to be an extremely essential and clever character of the show, who knows how to maintain that balance which Wajih clearly does not.

Aijaz Aslam as Yawar

Mannat is admirable as a friend mourning the death of her dear friend while processing the fact that own brother in law was behind it! She is the perfect depiction of someone who is entangled in grief, betrayal and opposition. A lone warrior in her fight to seek justice.

Saba Qamar as Mannat

While the existing characters themselves are a treat to watch it will be interesting to see if some new character chime in! Like the previous week’s episode introduces Shabbir Jan as Yawar’s lawyer.

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The real question that audience find themselves asking is how will Wajih’s real face be unveiled? As at the moment the odds are not at all in Mannat’s favor. Not to mention that there is no apparent proof that Wajih did the deed!

Catch Cheek tonight on ARY Digital at 8 PM!


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