Cheat Day One Business Pakistan : Decent Start

Indian film Cheat has opened to a steady start on day one in Pakistan. Emraan Hashmi starrer’s original name was Cheat India but it was changed to “Why Cheat India” in India and “Cheat” in Pakistan.

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Cheat has taken somewhat a decent start on day one in Pakistan. Film was never anticipated to take a killer start but its start has not been poor either. It is not a typical Emraan Hashmi starrer rather it is a film based on different and interesting content which means it has the potential to show good growths over the Weekend.

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Film has collected over 35 lacs approx on day one as per estimates which is a respectable result for a content film. Film’s performance over the Weekend will determine the film’s outcome significantly. It will need to show huge growth over the Weekend to have chances of doing well in the long run.

There were 7 releases this Friday and Cheat has actually turned out to be the best of all.

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*Disclaimer: The article contains unofficial and unconfirmed numbers as tracked by Team EPK. Official numbers have not been reported yet.


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