Back in 2000, the 70s TV series was turned into a movie with same title Charlies Angel starring the stunning Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui and Drew Barrymore, which is an evergreen classic. The movie is part of cult culture and is still remembered. The movie is remade by Elizabeth Banks, the producer of Pitch Perfect. The film stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska and Elizabeth Banks. Many cameos are seen in the trailer.

The charming Star from To all the Boy I Have Loved Before, Noah Centineo makes a cameo, which is enough to drive many people to the cinema. Me Before You’s Sam Clafflin also makes an appearance.

Spider man was never trusted with the script of Endgame

Women oriented films made a lot of money worldwide, prime example of which is Wonderwoman which made 821 million USD. Shot in beautiful settings, the angles and shots look great.

The Angels have come together one more time to fight for security after a dangerous weapon has surfaced. They now must do whatever they can to make sure they complete the assigned mission and with Bosley’s help (Elizabeth Banks) and a new girl, we will see the forces stopping them and them succeeding anyway.

Kristen Stewart’s new look compliments her role very well and she is seen showing more expression than ever. Her stunts and the fight sequences look beyond fascinating. Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska performed the stunts with the grace. Many outfits from the 2000 classic are seen in the reboot which knock a nostalgic door. Charlie’s same speaker is seen in the trailer. The looks and wardrobe are simply breathtaking.

Having said that given that the film is essentially an action flick the trailer does not give off that vibe. Instead we get a vibe of a chick flick with a dose of comedy and action in the backdrop. In contrast to the original this film does not look that impressive. The film is aiming to target younger audience in contrast to its predecessor let see what it will have to offer.

The reveal after the trailer was that Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey have come together to make an original single for the film. The song will be a chart buster even when its the debut of their music production. Lets see of the torch that the franchise is carrying forward works out well or becomes a colossal disappointment.

The Angels report to duty on November 15th.

Watch the trailer below:


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