Yesterday marked International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate womankind all over the globe. On the occasion, Pakistani women came out to celebrate the day and to promote the message of equality.

The famous Aurat March took place yesterday wherein woman from different walks of lives came together and marched on the streets with intriguing placards and slogans raising their voice against patriarchy.

Many renowned artists also joined in to show their support! Both male and female stars were spotted at the occasion. All the celebs were high on enthusiasm and passionate about the cause. Here are the celebrities who have been spotted at the Aurat March.

Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi who has been very vocal about women’s rights joined in the Aurat march in Lahore yesterday. She even shared numerous shots from the event including play cards and Qandeel Baloch cut outs!

Ramsha khan

Ramsha is currently being seen in Kaisa Hai Naseeban, playing a victim of marital abuse. She chose the project as she felt it was important to send the message across and make people aware of the issues at hand. She hopes to bring about change through her role in serial.

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Last 6 months has really been an eye opening journey for me! From when I signed #KaisaHaiNaseeban and decided to take up the role of Mariam (a victim of marital abuse in a foreign land) to today when the character has been receiving immense love, the drama has been getting the ratings on TV and trending on YouTube, and my social media is getting filled with emotionally charged messages every day! Embracing Mariam has really made me understand the plight of the women who have suffered and survived or continue to remain silent and live this life!! There are real Mariam’s out there, around us, maybe within our own friends or family and they need our help … and together we need to help them and build awareness about violence against women to make sure Pakistan’s future is better from today! Violence against women in Pakistan is #NotAGame – it is punishable by law and #iPledge to never commit, excuse or remain silent about any form of domestic violence!! Are you with me?

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Adnan Malik

The Sadqay Tumharay actor Adnan Malik also joined the rally and pledged to take a stand against violence towards women.

Komal Aziz

Actress Komal Aziz also joined the march and was elated to be a part of something so major!

Hajra Yamin

Pinky Meemsab actress Hajra Yamin was also spotted sporting a statement tee-shirt with an intriguing question imprinted “Just How Good Do I have to Be?”

Mira Sethi

Mira Sethi was also present at the march and she shared a picture of a woman with her son wearing a Qandeel Baloch mask. The photo came with an important message “Our girls don’t need to be like anyone. Strength does not equal masculinity. But I love how his mother is beaming beside him.”

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Last but not the least the film maker who won Oscars for her thought provoking women centered documentaries was also present at the event.

Aurat March hopes to create awareness in the society. Many women came out to join the cause and celebrate the women in our society.

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