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Captain Marvel has been a much awaited final owing to its connection with Avengers Infinity War.The film’s opening was decent considering that the film released four weeks later than its international release.

Captain Marvel Rwp/Isl Two Days Boxoffice Collections

The film has done well in Karachi, while average in Lahore. The mass circuits did see much footfall for the film. It is primarily a multiplex film so it could be anticipated that mostly footfall would be witnessed there.

Jude Law and Brie Larson in Captain Marvel

The complete breakdown of the approximate box office collection is:

Friday.. 80 lacs

Saturday..1 Crore

Sunday… 70 lacs

Total.. 2.5 crore

The film has taken the third biggest opening of the year. SherDil had the biggest followed by Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy. The film has led over the weekend and will be interesting to see how the film holds during the week.

SherDil 3rd Weekend Boxoffice Update In Rwp/Isl : Strong

The film has been in the news due to delays and has had a lot of attention due to its connection with avengers endgame. Marvel films have always done average in Pakistan, however post Infinity War the films have gained more weight-age. The collection so far is good but it could have been better.


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