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Captain Marvel is the latest addition to the Marvel Universe. The film has been well received world wide, however film saw four weeks late release in Pakistan. Whenever a film gets delayed, its boxoffice performance is always adversely affected but Captain Marvel has still done exceedingly well so far.

Captain Marvel Weekend Box Office Collection: Decent!

As per estimates, film opened with 80 lacs on Friday and on Monday it collected 33 lacs, the fall recorded on weekdays is 58 %. This is not that bad however the collection could have been better as well.

Film has wrapped its first week with numbers around 4.15 crore approx. This is a really good number and it could have been much better if it had seen a simultaneous release last month on 8th March.

The complete break down of the rough estimates of the box office collection so far are stated below:

Weekend (revised).. 2.95 Crore
Weekdays (revised)..1.2 crore
Total…4.15 Crore

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Considering that film was released four weeks late, the opening week business is pretty decent. The film is essential for those awaiting Avengers Endgame, so that factor always had a significant pull.

Captain Marvel Rwp/Isl Box Office Collection Continues To Sink!

Going at the current pace, Captain Marvel will definitely see a major drop in Week two but it will still lead at the boxoffice chart owing to the fact that there is no potential release this Weekend.


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