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The teaser of next biggie of Marvel Studios released couple of days back and it has taken internet by storm. Teaser is getting excellent response from both viewers and critics. Film is carrying massive buzz especially after phenomenal success of Avengers Infinity Wars. Teaser was more toward emotional side and that will make it tough at boxoffice in the initials in Pakistan. Captain Marvel is the strongest character of Marvel Universe but teaser was on the softer end.

Previous Marvel Film Ant Man and The Wasp couldn’t do much at Pakistani boxofifce but Infinity Wars had emerged blockbuster. Carrying the luck of Infinity Wars, Captain Marvel will be trying to find some good initials when film releases in March next year.

This year’s February release Black Panther had done exceedingly well in the long run whereas Initials were limited. It’s early to predict anything about Captain Marvel but going by the teaser it will probably fall under similar to Black Panther. Teaser wasn’t visually stunning which is the perfect recipe of big initial for English film in Pakistan but it does looks interesting and is carrying the mega buzz of Infinity War which will push it big time.


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