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Captain Marvel released this weekend after a four week’s delay. The film has not been well received in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad circuit as the film has completely come to a halt on Monday.

So far the estimated box collection from this circuit has been as follows:

Friday.. 13.35 lacs

Saturday.. 15.6 lacs

Sunday..13.1 lacs

Monday..4.4 lacs

Total..46.45 lacs

SherDil Becomes Highest Grossing Film Of 2019

Captain Marvel

The fall between Friday’s collection and Monday’s collection is 67 %.The film should have collected more on Monday, it should have ideally gone up to 7-8 lacs, however it closed at 4.4 lacs.

Captain Marvel vs Thor Ragnorok Box Office Show Down

This is certainly not a good sign. It was anticipated that the film will give SherDill competition which has been doing great in this circuit. However it hasn’t be the case.

Sherdil has collected 3.21 lacs on its third Monday, while Captain Marvel has just collected a little over that on its first Monday. This is certainly not a good start.


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