Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel released worldwide in all territories last Friday excluding Japan where the film is scheduled to hit the screens on 15th March.The film has also not released in Pakistan and what’s more is that the film’s release is still uncertain here.

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Disney’s magnum opus has taken the worldwide boxoffice by a storm and fans are going gaga over the film. However, it looks like Pakistani fans will have to wait more as the film’s release date is still not confirmed in Pakistan.

Shocking: Captain Marvel To Get Delayed In Pakistan

Film was initially scheduled for a release on 8th March but it got delayed as no distributor was finalized for its release. It appears that the film won’t be able to make it on 15th March either. As per current buzz in trade, film might not see release at all.

Well we surely hope that this is not true and fans do get to see the superhero flick on silver screen. We will keep on updating you.

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Reason of the film’s delay is still unknown. Disney films have previously been distributed by Eveready Pictures in Pakistan and it looks like Eveready will be distributing this one too but release plans are still not final.

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  1. rizwan riaz husain March 12, 2019

    i think the main issue is psl because the traffic issue during the psl in this they have delayed the movie of Captain marvel.

  2. hamid ali March 12, 2019

    when will Cap Marvel will Release?