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Captain Marvel was anticipated to get a great opening and give a tough time to other movies. The opening was decent considering that it opened four weeks late.

SherDil Becomes Highest Grossing Film Of 2019

However the film has witnessed a fall on Monday. It is normal for a film to see a drop in collections on weekdays. The fall from Friday’s collection has been around 63%.  This is poor performance for the film even for a week day. 

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

The complete breakdown of the estimated box office collection is:

Friday.. 80 lacs

Saturday..1 Crore

Sunday… 70 lacs

Monday..30 lacs

Total..2.8 crore

Captain Marvel vs Thor Ragnorok Box Office Show Down

Going by the current trend, it appears that the film will not prove to be competition for big films such as SherDil despite good expectations. It is important that the film holds well during the week to determine its future run.


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