Captain Marvel is just three weeks away from release and Hollywood is expecting monstrous start for the film in the hometown of North America. As per latest trade buzz, film is expected to open with over 100 m $ over the Weekend.

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If film manages to pull off over 100 m $ opening Weekend then it will probably become record opener for a superhero film featuring female in the lead. 2017’s DC woman lead super hero flick Wonder Woman had opened with 103m $ over the Weekend. Trade in Hollywood is even anticipating around 120m $ opening Weekend for Captain Marvel which is going to be first female led superhero film of Marvel.

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As a comparison, last year Black Panther had opened with 202m $ in it’s opening Weekend in North America whereas Ant Man and The Wasp had opened with 75m $.

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The film will release in Pakistan on 8th March as well. Last Year Black Panther had opened with 2.6cr Weekend whereas Thor Ragnarok had opened with 2.7cr Weekend in 2017. At the same Ant Man and The Wasp had opened with 1.25cr Weekend.

Owing to mega success of Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel might surprise with the numbers but reaching the likes of Black panther and Thor seems uphill. Feamle-centric films don usually tend to do great business at the box office. Having said that we can expect weekend going in excess of Ant Man easily.

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