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Captain Marvel has done great at the box office worldwide as film’s latest worldwide tally stands at $ 1.04 bn. The film received amazing reviews as well and has come out as an important addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Captain Marvel Week 1 Box Office Collection: Impressive

The film did not see release in Pakistan up until four weeks after its international release. The delay didn’t decrease its hype however the film has managed to do decent business in Pakistan during its first week.

If we compare the business to other major marvel films that had great opening weeks Thor Ragnorok made 3.82cr . While Black Panther that emerged as an amazing success beside Avengers Infinity war made 3.9cr .

Captain Marvel has concluded its first week at the box office and it has managed to rake in better number than both the other films. Its first week closed with 4.15 crore approx as per estimates.

Captain Marvel vs Thor Ragnorok Box Office Show Down

SO this indicates that Captain Marvel has come out as the strongest film among the three, and that too after four weeks late release. Avengers Endgame just three weeks away from its release has helped Captain Marvel big time. Still, Captain Marvel has seen a much better boxoffice performance and if it had seen a simultaneous release then it would definitely had crossed 10 crores mark in Pakistan.


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