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Captain Marvel was a fairly enjoyable film. However for anyone who is familiar with Marvel films, Captain Marvel had both surprises and disappointments in store.

The film does not have a fight sequence to remember. Almost Every Marvel film which we have seen, have these very amazing fight sequences which you literally gush over for a very long time. Marvel usually makes use of brilliant CGI to create such uncanny & emotional fight sequences then be it in Thor, Iron man, Black Panther and especially the Avengers.

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Whereas in Captain Marvel, there were limited fight sequences and later everything was all too easy for her. She destroys a whole fleet of spaceships in no time! While that is quite an amazing quality to have, however the scenes did not create an emotional or cinematic impact. Perhaps this happened because of the bland buildup but either way, it lacked an impact.

Captain Marvel

Although Captain Marvel was given ample moments to shine, we do not feel exhilarated by the character. The film successfully establishes the fact that Captain Marvel is very powerful and she is going to play a very important role in Endgame. While that is very exciting, it is also the only thing the film was seemingly trying to do and nothing else.

This film is clearly only a stepping stone towards Endgame. It seems like they have hastily developed the character of Captain Marvel for what is to come. Therefore the film lacks an emotional pull and she didn’t have any memorable dialogues either.

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Previous characters have been developed so well that Captain Marvel’s character arc feels incomplete. Nevertheless we definitely look forward to seeing her character unfold better in Endgame. Brie Larson has given a very decent performance.

Captain Marvel

Apart from that, there was nothing too extraordinary about the cinematography or direction. Director Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck do not have many films to their credits therefore seeing them director a major Marvel film came as a surprise. The direction was average while the color grading of the film was too dark and murky which made it difficult to see some scenes.

However nothing looked particularly bad either. Overall the film was pretty cool. There were comical moments and we especially adored Captain Marvel’s banter with Nick fury. It was a pleasure seeing a younger Nick Fury. There was CGI work done on his face to make him appear younger, which appeared so good that it was almost seamless.

We finally get know how Nick Fury got that eye patch, which has a very amusing story behind it. We also find out how the avengers initiative came into being! These moments formed the heart and soul of the film.

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The film gives you a good time and a lot of people are going to enjoy the film as it is and it is definitely worth the watch! The film also has a very significant post credit scenes which you do not want to miss, if you wish to watch Avengers: Endgame. Stan Lee’s trademark cameo appearance was pleasant moment as always.

Jude Law

The antagonist Jude Law’s screen presence felt weak in this particular film. Jude Law is a fine actor however he was not given any powerful dialogues or scenes which would make him stand out. He was easily overshadowed and blended in with the rest of the film which was generally bland.

We still look forward to seeing Captain Marvel in upcoming films. Perhaps her character arc will better unfold in the upcoming films and that will make up for everything.

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