3 Bahadur is the only animated series of Pakistani Cinema and is also a huge grosser at boxoffice. As the release of the trilogy of 3 Bahadur approaches, expectations attached to it are skyrocketing. The movie is set to release on this Friday and is anticipated to do wonderfully.

The film, presented by ARY Films and Waadi Animations is expected to take a very good start at boxoffice. Previous films of the series were huge hits and held boxoffice records for a long time but two months ago, an animated film emerged as a clear winner which shattered each and every animated boxoffice record with massive margins. Geo’s film, The Donkey King not only broke the records of animated films but it surprisingly also broke the records of commercial films. The Donkey King has been on an unstoppable spree every since its release.

The Donkey King has collected around 23cr approx till now and holds the record of highest grossing animated film by massive margins. 3 Bahadur 3 will probably fall short of this number as The Donkey King was targeting a wider audience. It incorporated political and comedy elements in it and was said to be a film for both children and adults. Whereas 3 Bahadur is purely for kids. Even then 3 bahudur 3 has managed to create a buzz and it seems it will surely do wonders at the boxoffice.

Directed by oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid 3 bahadur 3, is hitting on 14th December.

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