In a very intriguing and highly probable theory, Buzzfeed reported that it may be possible that Doctor Strange has been tempering with the Time Stone in order to make sure the Avengers beats Thanos. The theory makes so much sense that its very possible!!

The entire episode of Avengers: Infinity War was a time loop started by Doctor Strange who has been repeatedly going back in time to see how can he can stop Thanos. In Infinity War, Doctor Strange tells Iron Man that has seen 1400605 outcomes out of which only one is where the Avengers win. Doctor strange has been going back in time to make sure that everything goes according to plan in order to beat Thanos.

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Doctor Strange who had sworn to protect the Time Stone, finally sacrifices the stone for saving Iron man because he knows that Iron man will play a pivotal role in defeating Thanos.

Before finally turning into dust in the Infinity War, Doctor Strange has made sure that every Avenger is at the right place. He makes sure that Ant man is in the quantum realm as Thano’s snap will not be able to affect him there. He makes sure that Nick Fury has enough time to send message to Captain Marvel and he makes sure Captain America reaches Wakanda.

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Doctor Strange has been going back time repeatedly as we already know that he can not see past his death, therefore instead of going into the future, the superhero has been going back again and again to make sure that everything is according to his plan!

In Doctor Strange’s solo film, the Ancient One explains that the ability to peer into one’s future using the Time Stone is limited by the lifespan of the user. Therefore, instead of going into the future, Doctor Strange had to go back in time and set everything up before being dusted on the Titan. He has only seen as far as he has lived.

We also get hints of this time loop being started when we see Doctor Strange extremely calm throughout Infinity war. The extremely powerful character does not put up much fight in the film and lets himself be easily kidnapped by Ebony Maw.

One of the major hints happens when at the start of Infinity War, Doctor Strange congratulates Tony Stark on the wedding but we find out that the wedding has not happened because later Tony stark says, “Wong, you are invited to my wedding.” So how does Doctor Strange know about the wedding? Because he has been tempering with the Time Stone, keeping an eye on the Avengers.

Another very important revelation is the Asgardian guard of Bifrost makes a conscious choice when he choose to send Banner at Doctor Strange’s place instead of Thor. For one thing, he sends him directly to Doctor Strange because he has a unique ability: He’s both all-seeing and all-hearing.

So therefore, he knows what Doctor Strange is doing and he also knows that Doctor Strange has activated the Time Stone! Therefore he sends Banner while he wants the Guardians of the Galaxy to rescue Thor. Every single detail of Infinity War has been pre planned!

Thor needed to stay in space in order to meet Rocket and Groot, and go off to build their Thanos-killing ax! While Banner meets Doctor Strange and learns how the Infinity Stones work.

The theory has many other small details which all add up and makes a lot of sense! Read Here!

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