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Transformers brought forth a story that was new, refreshing with the right amount of cool. However the franchise fell prey to poorly constructed sequels and lost its appeal. The solution that the makers came up with was to make a prequel. Hence came Bumblebee.

Was Bumblebee the saving grace that everyone thought it would be? Read on to find out!

The prequel is based in 1987 the time when the war in Cybertron destroyed the planet and the Autobots were defeated at the hands of Decepticons.

As per instructions of Optimus Prime, B- 127 seeks refuge on Earth till Prime gathers the rest of the auto-bots that were scattered across the galaxy to seek refuge. However the Decepticons find out where he is hiding and chase him all the way to Earth.

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As far as the content side is concerned, the screenplay is soft and sweet.There isn’t much intrigue or surprise element in the story.There was no build up in the plot, it was pretty simple and straightforward.

Hailee Steinfeld  plays a cliche character Charlie, who has just turned 18 and lost her father. Nothing seems to be working in her favor, then she finds Bumblebee. The two form a companionship as she helps him navigate his way around Earth. Despite the run of the mill characterization Hailee’s presence is refreshing and she delivers well. John Cena is very impressive as an army martial.

Charlie and Bumblebee
Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie and Bumblebee

This time around the writers toned down the action a notch and added humor instead. Also the focus was on Charlie and Bumblebee’s relationship more and the action/conflict with Decepticons was more of a sub context. 

Some moments were very adorable especially when Charlie is trying her best to keep Bumblebee under the wraps, but he is not getting the hint. Bumblebee without doubt is the star of the movie.

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Bumblebee and Charlie
Bumblebee and Charlie

 Director Travis Knight didn’t disappoint the shots are well executed. The graphics are impressive and on point. It is a family movie that can be watched with children. 

All in all the film does not have over the top, mind blowing angle to it. The approach of the film is different from the previous films. It has added the human element to the franchise, which has been very well received.

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