Bring back Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan for another Batman marvel!

After Ben Affleck announced that he will not be reprising his role as Batman in the next Matt Reeves film, there has been an ongoing debate upon who should play Batman now! His decision garnered a mixed response as Ben Affleck’s adaptation of Batman didn’t really please everyone. He truly appeared dull, grim, unconvincing and was not my favorite choice either! Many would agree that his portrayal in Justice League and Suicide Squad was particularly disappointing and he has therefore been subjected to a lot of criticism. He has been termed boring, unrelaxed and ill at ease as Batman and rightly so.

Ben Affleck’s serious and gloomy expressions alongside his dull acting as Batman not only rendered him criticism but people also made a meme out of his sad avatar. Comically it was known as Ben Affleck’s sad meme, while everyone wondered why is Batman so sad?

Ben Affleck as Batman

However to be fair, the actor did garner admiration too from his fans. Ben Affleck’s adaptation has been admired as the brawny, big and dark Batman who was more like the superhero in comic books. Others also said that the writers were to be blamed for their sloppy writing instead of Ben Affleck for his acting.

While there have been mixed opinions on this, his decision to leave Batman bore interesting speculation. The creative team behind the upcoming film are seeking an actor in his mid-twenties to early thirties. And so suggestions and opinions as to who should play the next Batman started to pour in!

Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s name was suggested and then Boss Logic created a new piece that imagines Robert Pattinson as a young Bruce Wayne with the silhouette of Batman featured behind. This further excited people as they debated upon whether or not Robert Pattinson will make a good successor to Ben Affleck or not.

Reeves’ movie is said to be a dark, detective story that will find Bruce Wayne near the beginning of his crime-fighting career. This approach would necessitate a younger actor stepping into the role and also allow it to act as a soft reboot. Pattinson certainly has the brooding intensity needed for the part and therefore remained a popular choice while many who were not too impressed with his acting in Twilight remained skeptical.

Robert Pattinson as Batman

Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra’s newly wedded husband, also suggested his name for the role! On a post by Hypebeast asking for suggestions upon who should play the next batman, Nick Jonas replied, “First name Nick, last name Jonas”

Nick Jonas let the film makers know that he is eagerly willing and available for the role! However he was not the only one hoping to play the next Batman. Ben Barnes also shared a picture of him replacing Ben Affleck as the caped crusader!

Ben Barnes as Batman

Despite their enthusiasm, it appears Matt Reeves may have already chosen his next Batman. Reportedly, David Mazouz may be essaying the role of Bruce Wayne’s adolescence. It will feature him in a coming of age tale.

While there are rumors of David Mazouz’s casting, who do you think will make the perfect Batman? I personally believe Christian Bale was incomparable. Christian Bale with Christopher Nolan as the director has been a remarkable combination. In contrast, Ben Affleck was a poor successor. Christian Bale swayed us with his brilliant and gripping acting. This batman had mystique and charm. He become a rather intriguing Batman compared to Ben Affleck who came across as banal. Although we understand that Matt Revees is working on a prequel and hence requires a young actor, but can we please have Christian Bale back in another film as the dark knight who has been immensely loved?

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy grossed around $2.5 billion worldwide and rightly so! The trilogy was one of a kind and surely makes us miss Christian Bale as Batman. If only, the duo would get back together for another! In my opinion no one beats the very charming Christian Bale as the Batman.

Christian Bale

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  1. Edmundo March 24, 2019

    Yes!! We need another film with Christian bale as Batman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin, then my life will be complete!!!