Celebrated actors Sheheryar Munawar, Hania Amir and Kiran Haq were roped in for Wajahat Rauf’s upcoming directorial film. Written by the Chupan Chupai director Mohsin Ali, the film is being produced by Zayed Sheikh, Wajahat Rauf while Amjad Rasheed is also expected to join as a producer soon.

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However, as per our sources, the sought after actor Sheheryar Munawar has walked out of the film. As per our sources, he has exited the film and instead opted for Jamil Dehlavi’s upcoming film.

We also previously broke the news that the highly esteemed film maker Jamil Dehlavi is all set to grace the Pakistani cinema with a film. The director who was busy considering his casting options, has now offered the film to Sheheryar Munawar, according to our sources.

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As Jamil Dehlavi’s films tend to be made on a huge scale, it is possible that Munawar had some date clashes between both the films and hence he decided to abandon Wajahat Rauf’s project. Shehreyar Munawar was fully involved in all of the film’s decisions from casting to production. Therefore his sudden exit is certainly shocking.

Lately, a lot of actors are backing out of their film commitments, which is bothering many producers. The younger lot of actors in particular is being very irresponsible. Shehreyar Munawar is a producer himself and therefore, we’re certainly shocked. Even though no formal papers had been signed, as per our sources the chairman of the Film Producers’ Association was also a part of the film which Shehreyar Munawar has exited, which is again shocking. However, many actors have walked out of films before Shehreyar as well which is a worrisome trend. We fail to understand why the Film Producers’ Association is quite on this new trend.

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