Sami Khan, Faisal Qureshi and Faran Tahir In A Film Together

We had earlier given the breaking news that there is a Hollywood project in the works. The makers of the project as well as those involved are keeping a tight lip, which is why there was ambiguity regarding the nature and specifics of the project. However our credible sources have revealed the latest developments in the project.

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We had previously found out that Pakistani origin Hollywood actor Faran Tahir is starring in the Hollywood film which is to be shot here in Lahore. The latest on the film is that more actors have been signed.

First up seasoned actor Faysal Qureshi has shook on it. The Haiwaan actor also has his own film Sorry: A Love Story in the works at the moment and it is expected to release in 2020.

Besides Faisal and Faran, Wrong No 2 hero Sami Khan is also on board. Sami Khan’s silver screen comeback is going strong with Yaara Vey and Lafangey Chapter 1 already in post production and set for release next year. This Hollywood film will be his third film for the upcoming year. The actor is also said reported to be in talks for more projects as well but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

Sami Khan (Left) and Hameed Sheikh (Right)
Sami Khan (Left) and Hameed Sheikh (Right)

Sami Khan and Faisal Qureshi have previously worked together in drama serial Bashir Momin. Moreover US based actor Hameed Sheikh is also on board. Hameed Sheikh has films like Khuda Kay Liyay, Moor and 021 to his name! There are few more names surfacing as well however we will update about them as soon as we get confirmation about them.

Ammar Lasani
Ammar Lasani

The film will be helmed by Kanza Zia and Ammar Lasani who debuted in feature films with Gumm which was released in start of 2019.The film is being produced by Faran Tahir himself and will be going on floors in December.

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