Kaaf Kangana is in troubled waters again as another star is no longer a part of this film. Directed by renowned writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, the film has met with a lot of controversies since its inception. Khalil ul Rehman has recasted the lead heroin in his film multiple times now. First Sohai Ali Abro was roped in for the lead role, followed by Urwa Hocane who replaced her. Finally Eshal Fayyaz was recasted in place of Urwa as the leading lady.

In addition, the supporting cast has also gone through multiple recasting. Ghana Ali has been replaced by Ayesha Omer for a supporting role. Saba Hameed was brought in for playing the role of the leading lady’s mother however she too left a couple weeks ago. Epk has previously provided you with complete coverage on this.

Mehmood Aslam was starring as the father of the heroin however he too choose to walk out of the project soon after Saba Hameed. Resham came as Saba Hameed’s replacement and Sajid Hasan will be playing the role which was previously assigned to Mehmood Aslam.

According to our sources, Resham has now abandoned Kaaf Kangana. She chose to walk out of the film, a day before her shoot. Sources told us that everything was in place for Resham’s shoot. Omer Sayeed had even designed her wardrobe. However, Resham will not be returning to Kaaf Kangana.

Kaaf Kangana has been in the making from a long time now. Several actors have been replaced even after shooting for some time. Kaaf Kangana is in dire need of some stability. Let’s see how all of this is going to effect the film’s outcome.






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