Adding to the list of upcoming films, we have another breaking news! There is a new horror film titled “Record” being helmed. This is said to be the first one of its kind for Pakistani cinema. Record will be based on documenting paranormal activity in a haunted building.

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Record could offer variety to cinegoers as horror films are a lesser explored genre. However the rare few that did come out in this revived Pakistani cinema were not well received at box office either. What Record holds in store for the cinema is something to look forward to!

As per the synopsis shared exclusively with Epk the thriller will follow a documentary filmmaker and her cameraman who join a team of local Paranormal Researchers to investigate a haunted building for paranormal activity. Soon they will find themselves trapped as the building comes alive!

Record bts
BTS Record Film

Record has been written and directed by Kashif Khan and Asad Siddiki. The film stars fresh faces including Searha Asghar as Shifa Khan, Inayat Khan as Jawad Aleem, Maharukh Rizvi as Sara Ahmed and Faisal Akhtar as Sahil Latif.

Record offical poster
Record Official Poster

Shot in Karachi, Record has been co-produced by Mcmann International, Kre8ive Films and Kashif Khan Productions. The project is a collaboration between Malaysian based production house and a Pakistani company. The DOP for the film AnnaBella is based in Kuala Lampur, and was flown in for the shoot. The film is expected to release in 2020!

Behind The Scenes of Record Film

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