The upcoming year is looking very lucrative in terms of release flow with almost 42 films being already announced. Here is another addition to the list of all the films that are in the works and slated for release in year 2020.

Katasha and Tevar’s director Abu Aleeha is directing yet another film. The director is also currently working on upcoming film, “Half Fry”. Half Fry stars Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain and Faizan Khawaja.

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Alongside this, the director is working on a new film titled, “Once Upon A Time In Karachi.” The film’s script has been written by prominent writer Ali Moeen. Ali Moeen previously has popular dramas such as Rangbaaz, Bhool, Sarmaya, and Noor Mahal to his credits.

Once Upon A Time In Karachi is being produced by Metro Live Movies. Alongside distribution of films, Metro Live Movies is now venturing into film making. They also have 2-3 more projects in the pipelines!

The film is a comedy thriller set against the backdrop of Karachi. The shooting of the film will begin in January 2020, while the cast has not been finalized yet!

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