We previously broke the news that Ali Zafar’s legal counsel submitted affidavits of all of their remaining witnesses on 21st May. Talking to Epk, Ali Zafar’s lawyer Ambreen Quershi previously revealed that they had a total of 11 witnesses out of which 8 were left for cross examining.

Breaking: Ali Zafar’s lawyer submits affidavits of remaining witnesses

During further proceedings held yesterday and today, Meesha Shafi’s lawyer Saqib Jillani crossed examined the witnesses. Talking to Epk, he revealed that they have challenged the version presented by the witnesses.

The lawyer shared his stance with Epk. He said, “All of the witnesses whom Ali Zafar presented were hired by Ali Zafar for the jam session so we are of the view that they will naturally support his version of events. So that is our main issue”


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