Prominent model and talented actress Kiran Haq has been signed in a film. The actress has popular dramas such as Naulakha, Khaali Haath and Dar Si Jaati Hai Sila to her credits. She is currently playing a negative role in drama serial Ramz-e-Ishq.

We at Epk always believed that the sultry actress Kiran Haq will be a good addition to the film industry. The attractive actress truly belongs to the big screen. Kiran Haq possesses both the face and the physique that a film actress should have. We have hence been suggesting that the actress should be given a film.

We are certainly delighted to know that the industry responds to our suggestions. Kiran Haq has been recognized as the filmy actress that she is and she will now be seen in a pivotal role alongside two top actors of the industry.

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We suggested that it was time for Kiran Haq to discover the silver screen in October 2019. We are delighted to see her signing her first film now. Although not much has been revealed about this film, it is certain that Kiran Haq will be seen in a meaty role. Epk will be disclosing more exclusive details on this project very soon! As per our sources, this major film stars two top actors in the lead roles.

We also previously suggested that actor and model Emmad Irfani has the appeal the big screen demands. The charming actor is truly a filmy hero who would suit the big screen. Following this, Emmad Irfani told us that he was honored to be called a filmy hero and he expressed his wish to work in films on our platform.

Filmy Hero of Drama Industry wishing to work in films

The Cheekh actor was then signed as the male lead alongside actress Ghana Ali in upcoming film Gawah Rehna.

Exclusive: Emmad Irfani to Debut in Films with “Gawah Rehna”

Epk will continue to refer those actors who have a big screen presence. At a phase when our film industry is reviving, we are indeed in need of actors who truly do suit the big screen! Therefore, we will continue to suggest filmmakers to consider those actors who have the potential to be film actors. We will continue to discover those faces of our industry who have the potential to become superstars one day and refer them to producers!


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