Kaaf Kangana is one of the most awaited movies of this year. Helmed by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, the film stars Sami Khan and model Eshaal Fayaz in lead roles.

Kaag Kangana To Feature Dance Number Of Neelam Munir

EPK is exclusively breaking the news that the trailer of the film is set to be unveiled tomorrow i.e. Eid Day. The post production of the trailer has been done in Bangkok and as per our information, the team has done an excellent job with color grading and other technical aspects of the film.

Ayesha Omer To Feature In A Dance Number In Kaaf Kangana.

Kaaf Kangana is Khalil-ul-Rehman’s silver screen directorial debut. The distinguished writer also previously wrote the script of the blockbuster film Punjab Nahi Jaungi. EPK already gave an in depth exclusive analysis of the music of the film which carries big names. The film includes dance numbers by Ayesha Omer and Neelam Munir.

Neelum Munir in Kaaf Kanagan
Neelum Munir in Kaaf Kanagan

The film’s trailer will be played during Eid days in cinemas. Trade insiders who have seen the trailer told EPK that the film has been shot on a grand scale and as always Khalil ur Rehman has written brilliant dialogues. Some of these mesmerizing dialogues can be heard in the trailer. In addition, Sami Khan looks good and the film’s music is an instant chartbuster.


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