The election for the general executive council (GEC) of United Producers Association (UPA) were held and as per our information the GEC has elected their new chairman. Our sources informed us that the executive council meeting was held couple of days ago in which the new chairman was elected.

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Our source has confirmed that the executive council has elected Fakhar e Alam for this position. The Actor/singer has been an active member of the industry for many years. This decision will prove to be a breather for the industry as he can be a solution to the on-going media crisis.

Many television networks have not been making payments to the producers. In fact there are two channels in particular belonging to the second tier of TV networks that have not been making payments at all. As per our information they are not even giving salaries of their employees on time either.Payments are being made 4-5 months late.

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The association has yet to make an official statement regarding his appointment. We are hoping that this will be announced soon. The trade circles are hoping that it will prove to be a beneficial one as he has that “take charge attitude ” which is needed to resolve the ongoing issues in the media industry especially for TV content producers. Fakhar e Alam has the capability to take up this issue and get it resolved effectively.

Entertainment Pakistan wishes him all the best for this new position and hope to see the association reap fruit of his hard work. Given his background in music industry we hope that he will be able to strengthen the relationship of music industry with UPA as well.


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