Saqib Malik’s debut film Baaji was screened in Canada at the Mosiac International South Asian Film Festival. The film stars Meera, Amna Ilyas, Osman Khalid Butt and Ali Kazmi. The event was attended by the director himself along with Ali Kazmi.

While we had talked to Saqib Malik earlier before the screening, now that the film has screened, we reached out to Ali Kazmi to find out the response on the film.

Baaj box office collection

“It’s the biggest South Asian film festival in North America called MISAFF and Baaji screened there to a packed sold out crowd and an amazing response Mashallah!!”

Where there any prominent figures who attended the event?

“Sabina Pasha, Shoaib Malik, Mayor of Mississauga Bonnie Crombie, Canadian film-makers and South Asian filmmakers from around the Globe- including director Hardik Mehta (he had directed Trapped, road movie and many others, Kamyaab is his latest film and he had worked on script of Queen, Lootera, Mausam) Lots of Indians and Pakistanis some that had never even seen Pakistani cinema before and were wowed by the resurgence and resurrection of film in Pakistan Mashallah!”

When we had talked to the director Saqib Mlaik before the screening he had told us that he was hoping to win so we asked Ali the results and we are happy to announce that the film has won big!

“Baaji won Jury Prize as well as Nayyer Ejaz won Best supporting actor! Runner up was Ali Kazmi 🙂 just heard that not too bad to be runner up to legendary Nayyar Sahab”

Well indeed that is certainly big. Big congratulations to the entire team. This is certainly a proud moment for Pakistani cinema on the whole. Baaji continues its run at the local box office where it is doing well.

Exclusive: “We Are Hoping to Bring Back An award from Canada” Saqib Malik


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