There are only two established associations for film and television industry. For television there is United Producers Association (UPA) and Pakistan Film Producers Association (PFPA). Epk had given the exclusive news of the election of chairman of UPA Fakhr-e-Alam before the official announcement. Now we have some exclusive news from PFPA for you today!

Breaking: Fakhar e Alam Elected The New Chairman of UPA

Pakistan Film Producers Association (PFPA) elections have not taken place for many years due to stay order from court. However yesterday the elections took place in Karachi. Epk brings you the exclusive results of the elections.

26 people from the film fraternity had submitted their nominations however at the last minute 14 withdrew their nominations declaring the other 12 unopposed members of the executive council. Besides these 12 there are 2 special seats for women as well.The executive council includes 6 members from North(Punjab & KPK) and 6 from South(Sindh & Baluchistan).

The following have joined as member of PFPA:

1.Irfan Malik – Senior Vice President ARY Films
2. Momina Duraid – CEO MD productions
3. Amjad Rashid – CEO IMGC, Exhibitor and Producer
4.Khalid Ali – CEO Crew films
5.Hasan Zia – CEO Mastermind Productions,
6.Wajahat Rauf – CEO Showcase films,Director, Writer
7.Sarmad Khoosat – CEO Khoosat Films,Director,Writer, Actor
8.Sangeeta – CEO Mehtab Films Actor, Director
9.Ch. Zulfiqar – Veteran Filmmaker
10.Malik Younis – CEO Khan Pictures, Daaman PicturesProducer
11. Muhammad Aslam – CEO Al-Miraj Films
12. Aziz Jahangiri – Filmmaker from Peshawar

Female seat :
-From South :Fiza Ali Meerza – CEO Filmwala Pictures
-From North: yet to be decided

Left to right: Wajahat Rauf, Irfan Malik, Fizza Ali Meerza, Hasan Zia and Sangeeta Madam

Hasan Zia is member of UPA and PFPA both. This has happened for the first time that a member of UPA executive council is also part of PFPA executive.

The members of the executive council will now elect their chairman after a meeting which is to be held soon and the announcement will be made on 20 September 2019. As per our sources Amjad Rasheed has been selected and will be formally made Chairman in that meeting.

He is a very active member of the film fraternity. The association had been operating from Lahore and after a very long time an active member has become chairman from Karachi.

Amjad Rashid has the biggest distribution house IMGC in Pakistan. Not only this, he also Besides distribution and exhibition, he is also also collaborating with other film makers to produce films as well. IMGC has recently announced 5 films as well. Amjad Rashid is the most experienced and involved member of the film fraternity among all members of the executive council.

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