Actor/singer /DJ Mohsin Abbas Haider was accused of domestic abuse and extra martial affair by wife Fatima Suhail. An FIR was filed against him on charges of abuse. He was released on bail. We reached out to Mohsin to find out the latest developments in case after today’s hearing.

FIR Registered against Mohsin Abbas Haider

“We have had three court hearing at session court before today. Judge Azeem Shiekh had advised the police to complete their investigation and today they appeared with full investigation. My lawyer and I appeared in court today as well. This is a high profile investigation, so the DIG, SP are involved in the investigation as well.”

When asked what was the judge’s verdict in today’s hearing he informed Epk that the case has been dismissed.

“The police did a thorough investigation from all the people who were being linked to this. Nothing could be proved against me.When none of the allegations were proved we took back the bail.Their lies have been unveiled “

Mohsin further elaborated that it is unclear how the other party will respond to this and what will be their stance on the matter now. Meanwhile he plans on filing a defamation suit against Fatema Suhail .

“The damaged that I have bared because of this in media and how the fraternity reacted, I will definitely file for defamation.”

Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Response to Fatema Suhail’s Press Conference


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