Ali Zafar’s legal counsel has submitted witness statements to the court today. Talking to Epk, she revealed that they have a total of 11 witnesses who were present at the jam session where the alleged harassment took place. Out of those 11, 2 have already recorded their witness statements in the court. These two included playback singer Kanza and Baqir Abbas.

She said, “The rest of the seven witnesses still had to record their statements however since it was taking too long and the opposing party was not coming to cross examine them therefore the court asked us to submit individual affidavits. Some of these individuals are from Lahore and some are from Karachi. They have filed their affidavits on individual levels.”

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Affidavits of the remaining seven witness have been submitted today on 21st May. Ali Zafar’s lawyer claimed that these witnesses were present from Meesha Shafi’s time of arrival till her exit from the jam session. She added that these witnesses have said that nothing happened at the session.

The next hearing will now be held on Tuesday. The supreme court has ordered Meesha Shafi’s party to start cross examining all the witnesses one by one and this will be completed in one or two days with no more further adjournments. Supreme Court has ordered to wrap the case up in no more than 90 days and the case’s verdict can be expected to be out soon.

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