All India Cine Workers Associations (AICWA) has banned Mika Singh from Indian Film Industry. Mika Singh recently performed in Karachi due to which Indian media and the film associations condemned his concert at a wedding.

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As a response to his concert the association has come up with a decision against the singer. All India Cine Workers earlier today issued statement saying that they are boycotting Mika Singh completely and they will make sure that no one in the industry from production houses to music companies work with him. Check Out the full statement of AICWA below.

Mika Singh had performed in Karachi recently and his video of singing had gone viral on the internet. He was critique on performing midst the on going tension between the two countries since March. Ever since then there has been no exchange between the artists from both sides of the border either. The events that were planned with Indian artists were also cancelled by them. Mika Singh is the first to come to Pakistan and perform, his action has been met with a rigid response.

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