The idea of incorporating the tradition of remakes and sequels in television seems to be bouncing around for quite some time now. First the news of sequel Andhere Ujala made rounds. However when we reached out to Eveready Pictures it was confirmed that the Danish Taimoor starrer under the vision of Amir Yousuf, is not a sequel. In fact the story is completely different.

No Sequel of Andhere Ujala Reveal Sources!

While those rumors were laid to rest, another new speculation has started. The latest one is that there is a sequel of the PTV Classic Alpha Bravo Charlie in the works. The first sign of this was suspected when Major General Asif Ghafoor congratulated Ahad Raza Mir on his engagement to Sajal Ali. He also mentioned that the dapper hero will be playing Captain Saad.

After this,actor Agha Shiraz shared a poster and claimed that a sequel is in the works. This further gave wind to the news. We decided to probe into the matter and find out what is really in the works?

Sources close to the project claimed that Agha Shiraz has nothing to do with this project. It has been confirmed that an Army based serial is in fact in the works under the direction of Saife Hassan. However it has nothing to do with Alpha Bravo Charlie.

Ahad Raza Mir Bags Betty Mitchell Award

The drama will be starring Ahad Raza Mir, Wahaj Ali, Osman Khalid Butt and Ahmed Ali Akbar.The female leads include Zara Noor Abbas and Alizeh Shah so far. The drama is being made under the supervision of ISPR. As per our sources Momina Duraid is directly involved in the project as well. Based on this it can be assumed that the serial will be aired jointly on PTV and Hum TV.

Going by Asif Ghafoor’s tweet it can be assumed that he will be directly involved in the project as well. The project is yet to be titled, some suggestions have been made by the HUM team however they were not approved by ISPR.


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