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Year 2018 had turned out to be a huge success in Pakistan in terms of boxoffice gross. This year, on the other hand, saw a huge dip in terms of gross business compared to last year. However, the list of films releasing in 2020 we can easily foresee huge boxoffice returns for 2020. No animated Pakistani film could make it to the cinemas this year but in 2018 we had seen four major animated films hitting the silver screens.

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The Donkey King had rewritten box office history whereas “3 Bahadur 3” and “Allahyar and The Legend Of Markhor” had done huge business as well. It looks like this gap will be filled in the upcoming year. We bring you the exciting news that the makers of Allahyar and The Legend Of Markhor are coming back with their next film.

Talking exclusively to Epk, the producer and director of the film, Uzair Zaheer Khan said “it’s an animated feature and the film is in the finishing phase. We are aiming for release in summers 2020 as summers is always the best time to release animated features. We will be revealing the title of the film as well as more about the film soon!”

Allahyar and The Legend Of The Markhor was 3rd World Studios production. It was released in February 2018, which is always the dullest period at the box office. Yet the film had turned out to be a success at the box office. Sources have revealed to Epk that the second animated feature of Uzair Zaheer Khan has been made on a very big canvas. The animation and visuals are never seen before for a Pakistani animated film.

This is certainly an exciting news, as animated films are very rarely explored segment of film industry in Pakistan. Recently, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has been putting her efforts but mostly coming out with short animated films, feature films are still a rarity. With the upcoming animated film we can hope more film makers will adhere to this medium in coming months as well.

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