Quentin Tarantino is ready to wow the audience with his next next master piece Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. The film brings together major Hollywood stars Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino and Margot Robbie.

Trailer Review: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood reeks of brilliance

The story revolves around the murders in Hollywood , and it will be interesting to see Tarantino’s take on it.The film has already been screened at Cannes Film Festival. The director received a seven minutes long standing ovation. This only indicates that the film is excellent and we can expect a blockbuster.

The film’s release date announced is 26 July 2019 in United States, however the film will open worldwide two weeks later. Tarantino is opening two weeks early exclusively for US. So the film will be releasing in Pakistan on 9 August 2019. The film will be followed by Eid ul Azha will will certainly give the film a major push in Pakistan. The film will be distributed by HKC Entertainment in Pakistan.

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood has The Greatest Ending Ever!


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