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Jordan Peele’s Us is the latest Hollywood release to hit the theaters in Pakistan. The horror flick has been doing business on the lower end here despite being critically acclaimed in North American. However the film targets a niche audience and considering this the movie’s business is reasonable.

Us Five Days Business In Pakistan

The film’s main audience is from major cities and largely consists of multiplex audience, as the film does not cater to the taste of the masses and misses commercial elements. The film has done approximately 32 lacs business so far and can be expected to close the week with a total of 40 lacs.


Us Opening Weekend Business Pakistan

However, one Hollywood release that did manage to do a commendable business while targeting a limited audience was How to Train Your Dragon 3. The film was an animation which released on 18th January 2019. It had a niche audience i.e. children and was given extremely limited shows.

The film opened with extremely low numbers but managed to trend well over the weekend. The film managed to maintain a normal hold. The first week closed with 43 lacs.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 6th Weekend Business

The following weeks didn’t see a major fall from previous weeks either. The boxoffice collection remained consistent. The film collected a total of 1.6 crore.

How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World

How To Train Your Dragon 3 Boxoffice Update Pakistan : Emerges A HIT

How to train your Dragon the hidden world was released five weeks before its release in US, however the film did decent. In case of both the movies, the distributor was same i.e. Footprint.

Major English Film Released 5 Week Early In Pakistan than it’s US Release

While the business of both movies is below average considering the face value and number of shows assigned to them, their collection is decent.


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