Ever since the buzz of the star studded movie, Maula Jatt started, the producers have been facing a lot of controversy. As Epk reported before, the producer of the original Maula Jatt, Sarwar Bhatti, has claimed that Bilal Lashari and Ammara Hiqmat have violated copy rights and trademark laws by using his movie’s title and theme.

When we talked to his lawyer Ahsan Masood we were told that they have a stay order on the production of the film. The court has decided that the title cannot be used and has yet to give a final ruling on other matters. Bhatti’s advocate further informed us that Bilal Lashari’s lawyers had some how acquired a copyrights certificate form the registrar’s office. The process of its cancellation is also ongoing.


Hear Sarwar Bhatti’s full conversation here:



As the conversation grew heated, we wanted to hear from the other side as well. Contrary to his advocate we were informed by the writer of Sarwar Bhatti’s film, who is also the writer of Lashari’s film, that there is no such order in place as the film is in fact in the process of production.

So we got in touch with Lashari’s lawyer Muhammad Ahmed Pansota. He stated that the content of the movie is entirely different than Maula Jutt. He also claims that the producers had not declared the title of the film as yet. Whoever claims it to be Maula Jutt has misinformed. He also confirmed that while the stay order was in place for a long period, when both parties reappeared in court the stay order was vacated. The judge ruled that the title ‘Maula Jutt’ cannot be used owing to trade mark. This stance was completely understandable and acceptable by his clients. The case is still in court but there is not such implication which stops them from releasing the film.



Upon asking whether they have decided on the name, he informed that it hasn’t been decided as yet. Once it is, the official trailer will be released followed by promotions.  He also informed that Sarwar Bhatti has the certificate of cinematography. The literary rights are with the writer of the film Nasir Adeeb. Bilal Lashari acquired proper permission and brought him on board before going ahead with the film. He further added that they are free He can to write on the same theme if they like however the story is completely different.



He also mentioned that there have been many remakes using the name of Maula Jutt one way or the other. However Sarwar Bhatti has not filed a case against them. The statements of both lawyers are contradicting. Lets hope the matter is sorted soon and the Waar creator’s new film gets released without further complications.


Hear the response of Bilal Lashari’s lawyer on the matter:


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