Bilal Abbas has recently been seen in the character of Taimoor in Balaa. He played a naive, straightforward and a simple man who is deceived by Nigar time and again. While, Nigar’s character which was played by Ushna Shah is truly treacherous and malicious, another character is set to hit our screens who is truly evil. This character is being played by Bilal Abbas himself, in Cheekh. His name is Wajih.

The upcoming drama, Cheekh is a powerful tale that is raising awareness and telling us to rebel against our suppressors. Cheekh as the title suggests means to shout. The project seems to be suggesting us to let it all out. To let our inner frustration pour fourth and emerge as a stronger, more courageous person. It is preaching us to confront our suppressors and raise our voice before it’s too late.

The drama is being produced by The Bang Entertainment. It stars Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas, Aijaz Aslam, Maira Khan, Azekah Daniel, Noor Hassan and others.

Previous teasers of Cheekh have left us spellbound. The team of Cheekh has shared various teasers where the main question that is being raised is that how much longer will we remain quite?

We see Saba Qamar confronting sexual harassment on streets. We also saw prominent personalities Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Sarwat Gillani, Sania Saeed, Maria Wasti, Shaista Lodhi and Marina Khan in one teaser putting forth the same question.

The dialogues were extremely powerful and thought provoking.

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Bilal Abbas revealed that he will be playing the antagonist in the drama. He also revealed that the drama is based on true incidents! His character Wajih is thoroughly evil.

He captioned Wajih as “The guy who has no morals, cannot differentiate from what’s right or wrong.. the guy who is selfish, and will do anything to have it his way. The guy who is a sociopath”

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He also mentioned that he is playing this role to to convey a very strong message to everyone.

The message he would like to deliver is,
“To raise your voice, if you witness or are a victim of any sort of violence. Do what’s right, protect yourself and your loved ones, only then you’ll see the power of one’s voice. It’s greater than you can imagine.”

The drama seems very intriguing and it is packed with a social message. It will air on ARY Digital

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