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Saheefa Jabbar Khattak is a perfect depiction of a women lingering towards death. Bhool’s latest episode revolved around her deteriorating health and Imran’s persistence to pursue Aisha. Shabana’s scheming reaps no fruit and Sidra (Nimra Khan) continue to set traps and seek Imran’s attention. Nadia Afghan ,Hassan Hayat and Nimra Khan are convincing in their avatars and it is entertaining to watch them in every episode. Saboor’s depiction of Aisha’s various shades like confusion, timidness and confidence is at par.

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There wasn’t much new that happened during the episode,instead this episode was just the extension of the events of the previous episode.However the pace of this week’s episodes was far better than the previous week. We hardly saw Affan in this episode as well, considering the continued reluctance of both Aisha and Aiman, it is understandable that Awais is keeping his distance. His remorse and guilt has been translated well by the actor. We do wish that we get to see him more involved in Aisha’s life.

Over the progression of the drama, one thing that is admirable is the growth we have witnessed in Aisha. She has become more aware and less timid with time. She has the courage to confront others. The confrontation of Aisha and Awais was one of the best scenes of the episode. The dialogues were profound and Aisha’s sentiments were justified.Though conflicted Aisha continues to be reluctant about being more accepting towards her father.

This episode had a strange sense of hope and positivity that seemed to have died in the lives of the characters. However in this episode we witnessed Aiman trying to push Aisha to be more independent as well as convincing her to let go of her skepticism in case of love. She is hopeful about Imran and it is heartening to see her have a positive approach about this matter despite being betrayed in love herself.

There seems to be a change in air,there seem to be less despair in Aiman and Aisha’s heart. Aiman’s liking of Imran is a good sign and we hope to see this work out. With Aiman making the right choices for her daughter and maturely handling the situation we hope to see some happiness in their lives.

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