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Saheefa Jabbar Khattak and Saboor Aly starrer Bhool continues to slowly progress toward a hope of happiness (at least we hope it is) ,in midst of all the conspiracy brewing against the mother and daughter courtesy their own family. Aiman’s life also remains to be on the edge. It is rather strange that no one can sense her deteriorating health which is apparent from her face.

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The way this episode explored the conflicted state of Aisha as she feels at loss and even wronged was brilliant. The whole sequence where she complains to Aiman about her misfortunes is very touching. Though she has not shown any affection toward her father, she has begun to think about him. Her confusion was the basis of this episode.

The exchange between Aiman and Aisha, followed by Awais and Aiman was very profound. The dialogues during that scene were deep and both Affan and Saheefa depict their character very well.

The drama maintains a level of maturity in terms of the narrative, keeping the story realistic, decent, and mellow. The development in the story is somewhat slow and it needs to pick up pace. The somber vibe of the drama could really use some lightening up as well. The characters of Bhool seem to be convinced that they deserve to be punished, or that their fate is sealed as being miserable and sad for the rest of their lives.

With 18 episodes in, the drama should really start moving towards some positivity and hope. Imran seems to be a good solution but Aisha doesn’t want to open that door. Saboor is admirable in her avatar and we can relate to her confusion and pain.Lets just hope that the drama doesn’t complicate things further and move towards some resolve.

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?

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