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Bhool continues to maintain its sad theme in form of Aiman and Aisha. Another problem arose in lives of Aiman and Aisha which is very concerning. Aiman’s illness is drawing her near death unless she gets it treated. Imran’s continuous attempt have reaped no fruit, now his mother has taken matters in her hand which is actually good.

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Her presence in the drama adds lightness in the episode and she is truly a different character for a mother. Imran and her mother’s bond is shown to be very strong. Her characterization is also heartening as we rarely see supportive mothers when to comes to love marriages in dramas.

Overall the pace of the episode was slow with no major incident happening. The narrative keeps the dialogues simple and realistic. The depiction of relations are relatable. Rashid and Aiman’s bond was the main focus of the episode. Rashid being her brother feel guilty and responsible for her.

We missed Affan in this episode who did not appear in a single scene in the double episode. Saheefa was given most screen space, as she tries to accept the truth of her disease. She has decided to get things in order. Surprisingly Aiman is in favor of considering Imran for Aisha, despite her own bad experience. She has seen something good in him which has convinced her that Imran is the right choice.

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Sidra continues to be jealous of Aisha, and it seems that Aisha and Imran’s union will be problematic because of her.Over all the episode had a slow and mellow vibe to it. The performances were very good, however we do wish the drama picks up pace in the upcoming pace.

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