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This episode focused on Sidra’s (Nimra Khan) hatred towards Aisha(Saboor Aly) over Imran. Sidra jealously leads to an accident landing Aisha in the hospital. This becomes the last straw forcing Aiman and Aisha to leave the house. One thing that was admirable about this week’s episode was the growing confidence in Aisha. She is now talking back to Sidra and standing up for herself. Rashid (Kashif Mehmood) has begun to realize how incredibly wrong his own wife and daughter have been and how they have all been unfair to her.

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The drama progressed the narrative forward with now the younger generation in focus. Imran’s intentions are pure however Aiman and Aisha both are discouraging him. Awais’ repeated attempts to connect with Aisha go all in vain. There wasn’t much that happened during the episode.

Saheefa, Saboor and Affan all gave impressive performances. Nimra also stood out in this episode as the spiteful cousin. She seems to have taken after her mother in terms of the way she treats Aisha and the way she thinks. Saheefa and Saboor share a good bond, it is always heartening to see their heart to heart in every episode.

In this episode two actors shined. Firstly Saboor Aly and secondly Nimra Khan. Aisha’s character development is interesting and it is good that it is going in the right direction. Nimra is also convincing in her avatar and it is fun to watch these tow face off.

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Over all not much happened in the episode, however the theme of the upcoming episodes has been set. Slowly and gradually the drama is progressing towards a positive angle for Aiman and Aisha and they take a stand for themselves. Imran will be the ray of hope for Aisha will prove her wrong about love as well. Lets see what the upcoming episode holds in store for us.

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