Bhool manages to remain consistent in terms of a clear vision of the writer and director on how to take the story forward, as well as impressive acting from all actors.

One thing that Affan Waheed and Saheefa Jabbar starrer Bhool has maintained from the very beginning is its pace. The story has moved forward at a good pace, instead of being dragged aimlessly. This has kept the drama relevant and interesting.

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The story though is not out of the box, but it is close to reality with relatable characters. Bhool has taken a leap of 20 years yet not much has changed in the lives of Aiman and Awais. While Awais still dwells in his regret and guilt, Aiman has raised Aisha alone. She still has to face the negativity within the house.

One thing that is disappointing is how timid and scared Aisha has turned out to be because of Aiman’s upbringing.Considering what Aiman has gone through, she should have brought her daughter up to be brave and self sufficient. Instead she made her completely dependent and indecisive while being strong and protective herself.

Aisha’s characterization is a let down , however it is nice to see Saboor in the avatar. Saboor is doing the role very well. Saheefa continues to impress as Aiman, who is now old and scared for her daughter whilst sheltering her from all bad things. Affan depicts a mature adult version of Awais who is completely torn by his own mistakes.

The highlight of the episode was when Aisha finds out the truth about her father and the way she reacts to this. Saboor stood out in the episode for translating these emotions well on screen. She without doubt was the best performer of the episode.

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Over all the episode was eventful and it has left us wondering what is about to come. The new additions in the drama i.e. Nimra Khan and Hassan Hayat Khan will also be have a huge role to play and we look forward to seeing if the drama takes some positive turns in Aiman’s life after all.

What did you think of the episode?


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