Bhool showed a lot of progression in the story in last night’s episodes. The drama stays close to the real issue and does not beat around the bush or use exaggeration tactics to sensationalize the drama. Credit goes to the director Mohsin Mirza for ensuring the drama remains crisps and focused. While initially there was a scene or two where they showed the reaction of the neighborhood gossiping and raising finger at Aiman’s character,the current episodes have avoided it, which is a nice change.

First Impression: Bhool, a Conventional Engaging Story

Aiman’s pregnancy wrecks havoc in her house. Despite all the backlash and rejection, Aiman stays adamant on giving birth to her child. The drama’s characterization is very good and the story has provided room for the characters to develop as well, though in a rather rapid pace. Aiman has gone from being a timid traditional girl to a strong and resilient mother who has faced betrayal and backlash, yet she has learned from it. Also she has grown even more determined and strong minded.

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak as Aiman

Affan is playing a negative role and it is rather refreshing to see him in a different avatar after playing the romantic hero in Do Bol. He plays a heartless lover who has no remorse for his actions and is very convincing in this persona. Uzma Gillani as the dominating, heartless woman is very intimidating and entertaining. Her avatar is similar to Kaisa Hai Naseeban however it was necessary for the narrative.

Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch Embue Soul in Bhool’s OST

The best scene of the episode was when Aiman goes to confront Awais after her daughter Aisha’s birth. She manages to leave him and his mother speechless and that interaction is very satisfying. As a result Awais’s second wife leaves his house. He is finally getting what he deserves for leaving Aiman high and dry.

Affan Waheed as Awais

It is good that the drama has adopted a rather progressive approach with Aiman trying to better her life instead of showing constant backlash and her regret. The narrative attempts to take a positive approach and the writer Ali Moeen should be commended for this effort. With the episode ending on an uninvited and unidentified guest, our guess is that its Awais’s wife. We look forward to seeing what is next for Aiman.

How did you like the episode?

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