Last night’s episode did what was feared. Awais had started getting irritated from Aiman’s constant crying and regret. His change in behavior clearly indicated that he will not stay with her for long. This episode confirmed what we anticipated.

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Awais’s mother does not accept her and tells him to divorce her. He had already been annoyed with her and was regretting his decision. He proves to be weak and unfaithful. Deprived of everything Aiman has no where to go. Awais doesn’t seem to be ashamed or sad of what he did and easily moves on to the girl his mother has picked for him. Affan’s portrayal of a an unfaithful husband is on par.

When all door close on Aiman, she goes back to her parents. That scene in which she finds out that her father has passed away is extremely heartbreaking, especially when she sits in front on his chair and talks to him.

Overall the episode’s pacing was very slow. All the characters delved into their loss and pain most of the time and the story did not progress much. The background score is very powerful, and it amplifies the pain and emotions of the characters.

This episode belonged to Saheefa as she translated her loss and her dismay excellently on screen. This episode also gave Aiman another big hurdle that will make her life more difficult. Aiman is pregnant and the world doesn’t know that she ran away to marry someone. The way Awais has responded to the situation, it can be expected that he will simply turn a blind eye towards this as well.

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The drama exhibits the harsh reality of this society, how betrayal and rushed decisions can result in denting the reputation of the girl. This is was the drama will be highlighting throughout. So far the narrative has been kept simple and the events follow its natural flow. Lets see what the drama has to offer as it progresses further.

What did you think of the episode?


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