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Bhool focuses on one theme a lot and that is regret and shame over one wrong decision. With 12 episodes in, we have yet to see it introduce the idea of forgiveness. All characters find themselves stuck in the past. Aiman cannot forgive herself nor can those around her, Awais is also at loss and has nothing but emptiness and regret. His life has been shown to come at a halt and his state is very depressing. This week’s episode further explored the aftermath of Aisha finding out the truth and her confrontation with Awais.

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There is budding romance which is pretty much one-sided be it Imran or Sidra, and Aisha is getting crushed in between for no reason. Saboor continues to give a strong performance and it is heartening to see some shift and growth in her character. Saboor and Saheefa share a strong bond and their relationship is very heart warming.

Affan’s scenes are very intense, his regret and remorse is being excellently exhibited by the actor.There is one scene in which he drives over to Aiman’s house and stares at the gate. There are no dialogue but all can be felt by just his expressions, he actually makes us feel sorry for him now.

The episode also introduced Imran’s mother who was very refreshing to watch. She is such a positive character which is why she seemed like a breath of fresh air in an other wise sad drama. She will probably play an important role in uniting Imran and Aisha. Her excitement and support on this matter is so sweet. It seems that the writer will be using him to set an example that not all men are the same and there is hope after all. Imran comes as a symbol of hope in Aisha’s life who will spread some positivity and love.

The episode was well paced and the shots were very interesting as well. The way the episode has been shot keeps the scenes interesting. The dialogues have been kept basic but they serve their purpose well. While the episode was eventful it seems to be getting predictable now and we can see where the story is headed. As long as the story remains crisp it will not matter if the story is predictable. A change in theme is also necessary for the drama now before it becomes too sad.

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