It is very often that dramas are made on ground realities of our society, in an attempt to highlight the underlying issues.

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Bhook is made on similar lines.The drama stars Maria Wasti, Kamran Jillani and Hina Bayat. The teaser begins with Maria behind bars, as she narrates her story. There is pain and heartache in her voice as she yells the truth. She explains how her children were suffering,they were crying , they were in a lot of pain. Despite her efforts to calm them, it was of no use.

When all else failed and she could see that their suffering would prolong for hours. Not being able to see them in pain, she took them out of their misery, and killed them!

Bhook is based on an issue that comes with the growing poverty of our nation. When the breadwinner doesn’t have anything to feed the family, they watch them suffer and be malnourished.The pain is insufferable. It is often that we hear that a mother killed her children and later herself after not being able to provide for them.

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It will be interesting to see what the drama has to offer and hopefully educate people to avoid such heinous act. There are always other ways to deal with such issues. The drama hopefully will provide some constructive solution to such situations.

Bhook is directed by Mohsin Ali and will be aired on HUM TV.

Watch the trailer here:

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